Sundown Town

Sundown Town

Spot the city limit from the tour bus

Turns out that welcome sign ain't for all of us

Barney pulls us over and stirs a fuss

Then a mob descends, all tempestuous

Seems melanin’s been defined obscene

Mark the bigotry to concoct this scheme

Though my watch does show that it’s time to dream

Light a faux sunrise with our gasoline

It's a sundown town

Burn the mutherfucker down

It's a sundown town

Gonna raze it all and salt the ground

It's a sundown town

Well, it's a reverse lynching in the soft twilight

It's the smell of justice on a starlit night

We’re an integrated band’s been itchin’ to fight

We’ll give new meaning to the term “white flight”

They got ol’ Jim Crow and Uncle Tom

I knock ‘em down with a righteous psalm

“Separate but equal”, su- su- segregation

I’d smite ‘em all with a vengeful bomb

How 'bout in your heart at the end of the day?

Who do I choose to turn away?

Release date: June 21, 2019

© Bradley Koch



Album art by Nat Freeman