On the Threshing Floor

On the Threshing Floor

That widow’s not from here

She’s poor but shows no fear

Say, foreman, look away

From standing sheaves, I pray

Where you stay, I’ll stay

Been bitterer for you

Now one where once was two

Sop up the sour wine

Her man was of his line

Where you die, I’ll die

On the threshing floor

Come on, baby, make me scream for more

Make me tremble to my very core

On the threshing floor

The barley, men will reap

Till overcome with sleep

With perfume and a bath

Pens husband’s epitaph

Winnow off the chaff

At midnight, so discrete

She lay down at his feet

He woke up to a dream

Her lands he will redeem

What I reap you glean

On the threshing floor

Swept with fervor like you’re waging war

Bellow deeply like a lion’s roar

On the threshing floor

Release date: May 16, 2018

© Bradley Koch



Album art by Nat Freeman