It Ain’t Christmas without Snow

It Ain’t Christmas without Snow

A year of making mental lists of toys and candy treats

But mom and dad have memory spans the length of elvish feet

The days drag on; the clocks, they crawl. I’m not sure I can last

Come on, Christmas; hurry fast

Come on clouds; let’s start the show

Please pump out precipitation

She says the quiet part that everyone here knows

It ain’t Christmas without snow

The mercury’s not falling; I’m still wearing my short sleeves

The grass is green and all the trees refuse to drop their leaves

The weatherperson forecasts that we’re due for cooler days

Alright, Santa, prep the sleigh

No fluffy for Frosty

No powder for Prancer

No runway for Rudolph

No sleigh path for Santa

Release date: November 22, 2019

© Bradley Koch



Album art by Nat Freeman